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Beaver Jam, LLC was founded by Brandon Schroeder in 2023. Growing up as a diehard fan in a music enthusiast family, Brandon grew up addicted to recording and performing live as a drummer. Initially in a family progressive rock band called Apparition with his dad Roy on Bass, Brother Ryan on Keyboards and vocals, Brandon on drums, and different friends rotating in on guitar. The band was pivotal in the earlier development for the Schroeder family in creating music. Years later the brothers Brandon and Ryan went to the Musicans Institute in Hollywood, CA, however they ended up leaving the prestigious contemporary music school early due to scoring an audition with the famous actor Nicolas Cage's son Weston Cage who had a symphonic metal band at the time called Eyes of Noctum. EON eventually disbanded, but Brandon became close friends with the band & estate manager Kevin. It was at this unique time in 2011-2012 while living with Wes Cage, Brandon teamed up with Kevin Villegas and his great friend Jordan "Nasty Soul" Hemphill to begin working on a totally different and outlandishly zany project called Beaver Jam. Though not a musicians' collective, Beaver Jam was initially created as a 30 minute animated sitcom about beavers that wanted to unite the other animals of the forest through funk music (Link below to read our lore)! A bunch of jammin' funk music was recorded for the show, and an incredibly talented artist, illustrating & animating for Disney at the time, named Kyle Capps worked with Brandon, Kevin, & Jordan in creating the colorful cast of characters. However, getting an animated cartoon launched in Hollywood is no easy task and so the entire project was delegated to a dusty shelf for approximately a decade. Until the hype of NFTs took storm and Brandon became obsessed with music NFTs and blockchain tech. The idea of a web3 musicians' collective was born and the eventual fruition into a cutting edge music production club was a natural evolution as Brandon has many very talented and gifted friends who all help to make Beaver Jam Club possible!

A VERY special thanks from Brandon with links (if applicable) are to:
his wife and family!
Ryan Schroeder - Music Creation & younger brother @ email address:
Rohan Da Great - vocalist to "Greatness Indeed" collab song & good friend Official Website & Link Tree
Christopher Merkley - Mixing & Mastering of "Greatness Indeed" & longtime good friend Twitter (X)
Kevin Villegas - Original cofounder of Beaver Jam, the animated sitcom Twitter (X)
Jordan "Nasty Soul Hemphill - Original cofounder of Beaver Jam, the animated sitcom Instagram Page
Kyle Capps - Original character illustrator Official Website
Monica Cano - NFT artwork layer illustrations and editing @ email address:
Danielle Clark with D. Clark Law Official Website

Most especially... the Beaver Jam Club Team:
Brett Haack - Project Ambassador & Discord Mod Twitter (X)
Boselecta - Collab Manager & Discord Mod Twitter (X)
OneLove - Twitter (X) Spaces Cohost & Discord Mod Twitter (X)
Deaner - Discord Mod Twitter (X)
Fenrus - Marketing Manager, ect. Twitter (X)
Tuning In NFTs & the project founder Samantha "Rockxie Mama" Stein - Business Alliance Link Tree